fredag 17. april 2009

New Orleans-the Venice of North America

"New Orleans is North America's Venice; both cities are living on borrowed time. Here we are fighting the mud, the heat, the rain, and the insects, trying-if you squint your eyes a bit-to create a Paris in the swamps. Our architecture, and the way we live, are here because of a particular attitude, an attitude about time that is different from the rest of the United States. New Orleans won't change-this is the source of the decline-and yet it does change: but somehow, layer after layer, it stays the same. New Orleans doesn't want to be practical, or to follow the trends in the rest of the country, yet it still works as a place to live; I don't know how. And it sure is fun living here!"

-Joel Lockhart Dyer- artist and New Orleanian-

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  1. New Orleans is one of my favourite cities. Haven't been there since Katrina, but I have fond memories of it. Lovely snapshots of its charm.