mandag 8. juni 2009


It’s truly been a journey to remember going through this teachers training. All the hard work is done and everyday life is back. My body is sore and I feel emotionally vulnerable. My hamstring is not well. I’m going to my acupuncture man, that makes magic with his needles Wednesday. And I need him. I pushed too much in my practice in the last couple of weeks. But now it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m ready to slow down my practice for the summer. I’m getting ready to finally tune into my breath and listen to my body. Ashtanga yoga, and some teachers are really into pushing it (and my ego goes along with that really easily). But I don’t believe that’s what’s yoga should be about. Are you a better yogi for doing this or that asana? I do not believe so. For me yoga is the journey to awaken your inner voice and spirituality. It’s a journey to opening your mind to other people around you and to see them with compassion and love.
I’m setting aside time to read and write these days. I’m spending time watching my beautiful daughter growing up playing in the sun. Summer is a wonderful time of year. I hope you’re all enjoying wherever you are.
Pictures is of Madonna, taken by Steven Klein for W magazine.

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  1. i took my first ever bikram class not too long ago and i felt more like i was in boot camp rather than a yoga class. i don't really think that when the teacher is yelling "push, push, PUSH!!!" is yoga at all. i will push my boundaries but then again i will respect my limits. i think you put it perfectly when you said yoga is a journey to awaken your inner voice and spirituality and to opening your mind to other people. to me, that is also what yoga is about.

  2. I have always been interested in taking yoga but thought it would not be something my restless soul could calm down enough to do. I love the pictures of Madonna. I would like to give yoga a try. But where to start?

  3. Yoli, I would try this webpage to find a teacher, If you're not able to find a teacher here I would get Melanie Fawer "Mysore style", the best yoga dvd ever. This is if you like ashtanga. It might not be for you, but it's a start. Good luck:-)