onsdag 31. desember 2008

happy new year

This picture is taken at the back of my house this afternoon. The colours and light today is really beautiful…..this brings me hope for the coming year.

I always like this time of year. The feeling of finishing up and starting up again with a clean slate. I take time to write and read a lot in these quite days between x-mas eve and new years. We only went to one x-mas party this year. We chose this because I really crave the peace and the stillness. I’ve gone deep into my practise this week. I love moving and just observing the knots and openings I find in my body. This is the importance of yoga for me. To listen to my body and reflect over the obstacles and triumphs I meet. I feel more in touch with my self this way, and I believe this makes me a better mother, wife and friend. My hope for 2009 is to continue on my path without to many derails……Happy new year if anybody should stumble across this humble little blog!!

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