mandag 29. desember 2008


I’m finally going to throw myself into the game again. There is really no good reason why I haven’t been blogging for more than two years (and then just for a couple of months), because I’m really a passionate blog reader. I love all your beautiful blogs and now finally I have decided I will join in. Since this is my debut blog entry I will take the time to introduce myself. I’m a 35-year-old Norwegian girl, living on the east cost of Norway with my beautiful daughter (10 years old) and my sweet husband. We’ve actually been married ten years in a couple of months. During the day I have my office job, and at night I teach ashtanga yoga, take pictures and gobble down one book after another. I’m also a passionate diary writer and I love making collages with my daughter. I will leave you with some photographs from my vacation this summer to Bali.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm excited to follow what you do here. Your daughter is just lovely, by the way. And I love the name of your blog!