tirsdag 20. januar 2009

dance dance dance

I’m finally feeling better and life is getting back to normal. My daughter had her first ballet lesson of the year yesterday afternoon and she was totally excited. I love it myself. I never danced ballet, but I love taking her to her lessons. Just before x-mas they dance the ”Nutcracker”. Every year when the rehearsals in early autumn starts up I get the chills. I love the fantastic music, I love the costumes and I love the hours of endless rehearsal. The dancers in the most exquisite costume eating a burger and reading a book waiting, waiting, waiting to get back up on stage.

I went to my first yoga class this afternoon. I felt a little bit heavy but it was lovely to get back on the mat. And it truly was a lovely escape after two crazy days back at the office.

Since the theme of the post is dance I want to share with you a little obsession of mine, Lykke Li (picture below) and her song Dance Dance Dance. Enjoy.

Image from Blackbookmag

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