onsdag 7. januar 2009

Liv Ullmann (3)

Picture from NRK

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I was planning on writing this post about some of my favorite work by Ullmann, when Mary-Laure left me a comment yesterday asking me about my favorite work by Ullmann. This is for you.....:-)

Ullmann is most famous for the 8 films she made together with Bergman. My favorite, as well as her own, I've been told, is "Scenes from a marriage" (1973).

But she's directed a lot of wonderful movies as well. "Trolösa"(2000) is written by Bergman and directed by Ullmann. Lena Endre has the lead in this exquisite movie. English tittle "Faithless".

Picture from Cinemazone

I also love this book written by her daughter:

Picture from Fantasticfiction.co.uk

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