fredag 13. februar 2009

I'm back (rev)

I'm back from a cold, cold trip to Oslo. A two-day seminar is over. Wednesday night I went out with some people from work that wanted to watch a soccer game at a sports bar. Well that's just my thing. Soccer, beer and men shouting at the television set. Well I leaned back, ordered myself some red wine and studied the scene unfolding. The whole thing is kind of interesting really. A group of kind of heavyset men in their 50's dominated by the bar, even loader then the rest of the crowd. They we're eying the kind of voluptuous waitress every time she passed. Well I told one of my male friends, "Watch out, I'm going to the restroom, see how many of them is going to stare at my backside". I came back, and he said, "Well Sølvi, I'm sorry to inform you. Non of them even turned their head, but if it is any consolation I watched you". Well there you go, I guess I’m not the kind of girl truckers paint on the side of their vehicles or gets tattooed on to their chests. What a let down.

I had a beautiful hotel room though, right next to the new opera house. I think I managed to take some nice pictures that I will share with you tomorrow.

And if your in the mood for a little Love story, check it out.

My husband made me switch pictures for this post. He said it was the worst picture ever.

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  1. Ha, I don't think I'm the type of girl that would appeal to them either - too thin :)