mandag 16. februar 2009


I've been tagged by the always inspiring Hila to post the fourth picture in the fourth file on my computer and to tell you a little bit about it.

Well here goes. This picture is taken before I started redecorating my apartment a couple of years ago. I live in an apartment, not a house. And here in Norway everybody should get a house at one point or another. We put a lot of money and energy into our homes. That’s how we tell each other how successful we are. So not wanting a house is considered outside the norm. This is not the only thing about me that’s outside the norm, of course, but this is one of the more obvious for the outsider. But I don’t want a house. I want time and money to read, write, breathe and travel. So right about the time this picture is taken we started major work in the apartment. I wanted it more functional so I would not need a house. It worked, but we didn’t have a plan beforehand so we’re doing the last finishing touches this coming summer (we thought we would be done about a year ago). But I’m still happy with my choice to stay on. I’ll post some more pictures of what we’ve done to the place later on.

Anyone who wants to look into their file to see what you find consider yourself tagged☺

I also want to share some lovely music by one of my favorite norwegian artists, Silje Nergaard. Check out some of her lovely new tunes here.

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  1. I like apartments better too - big houses seem unwieldy to me sometimes.

  2. Are those peonies? They're my favorite flowers.