lørdag 28. februar 2009


I'm home alone for most of the day. It's so lovely. Started of with a lovely yoga practice, had a bath, breakfast and blogging. Took my time in the bathroom beautifying myself. At noon a friend came to pick me up. A friend from work got married this afternoon so we went to see them at the church. After church we went to a really nice coffee shop in town where this picture is taken. My excuse for staying home while my husband and daughter is shopping groceries in Sweden is that needed to work on my thesis. So I better get going. This is one of my many talents. I mess around the house for hours without getting anything sensible done...like cleaning for instance....

2 kommentarer:

  1. what a sweet, lovely day.

    i did something similar but the other way around, i started with blogging while having coffee and a delicious berry scone i made yesterday, then i was in my pijamas doing some homework (not very succesfully hehe) and then i had my yoga practice :)