lørdag 28. mars 2009

My daughter made this drawing for my blog. I think she did wonderful work (it’s done by free hand).

Daughter's spending the night at a friend’s house. My sweet husband and me are spending an evening alone listening to music, drinking wine and talking. He made me a lovely shrimp dinner earlier on. What more can a girl ask?

Yesterday all three of us went out to eat. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary. We’ve been married ten years. Can you believe it? I’ve got 60 tulips delivered at work. My darling husband is the best.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Your daughter is an artist! How old is she, I wonder? Our son has zero interest in drawing and that often saddens me. And time alone is a much needed neccesity. I hope the two of you enjoyed your evening. (Our 10 yr. anniversary is in 3 weeks.)

  2. My daughter is going to be 10 years old this summer. And thank u, we had a lovely evening.

  3. your daughter did a BEAUTIFUL job!!

  4. I somehow missed this post - her drawing is absolutely lovely!!

    60 tulips...how delightful! Bravo for your husband!

    Hope you're having a great trip...missing your posts...